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Professional Development Collection, Gale eBooks
Books on various topics, including, ESL instruction, SEL, etc.
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What can the SHR library do for you?

  • Collaborative research planning, consulting and/or teaching
  • Instructional sessions in elements of research
    • in YOUR classroom or in the library!
  • Student space for personal exploration/creation
  • Reading support for ALL students, at various levels & interests
    • readers’ advisory, booktalks, displays

Information Literacy:
  • Search (keywords, reformulate searches, advanced searches, Boolean logic)
  • Sources (selection, analysis)
    • databases, Web sites, books/eBooks, online journals, experts, videos
    • scholarly vs. popular
  • Evaluation (critical analysis of source)
    • authority/expertise, currency, relevance, bias/purpose
  • Using/integrating information
    • reading for relevant info, note-taking, outlining, writing, crediting
  • Ethical Use of Information
  • Digital Citizenship
    • access, safety, responsibility, etiquette, law

Helpful Sites:

» Information Literacy for SHR Teachers 
» Google How-to for SHR Teachers