High School Advisor: Mrs. Zidzik

Middle School Advisor: Mrs. Zidzik

R.E.B.E.L's goal is to support non-smoking as the social norm. New members are welcome!
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Tobacco is the single most preventable cause of death and disease in New Jersey. Click here for more facts!

What is New Jersey Rebel?

REBEL is an acronym for "Reaching Everyone By Exposing Lies"

REBEL is a movement by and for New Jersey teens who want to break from the influence of Big Tobacco.

What "lies" are REBEL talking about?

Big tobacco companies show ads that make tobacco use look cool, but the truth is, it kills. Tobacco companies say they don't target teenagers, yet they advertise heavily in magazines that have large teen audiences, such as Rolling Stone and Sports Illustrated.

Why do we need REBEL?

Each day 3,000 U.S. teens take their first cigarette - that's 85 teens a day in New Jersey. One-third of them are likely to die of a tobacco- related disease. In their memos, one of the tobacco companies called teens "replacement smokers." Replacements for the customers who die. It's time Big Tobacco learned that New Jersey teens are Not for Sale!

What does REBEL do?

Educates youth about the dangers of tobacco use.
Promotes healthy lifestyle choices.
REBEL was instrumental in bringing a comprehensive Tobacco Free School Policy to SHR.


Tell Big Tobacco you're NOT FOR SALE