BYOD Frequently Asked Questions:

Attention Parents:  Families with one or more student’s participating in the Free and Reduced Lunch Program may be eligible for the Comcast’s Internet Essentials Program which offers reduced home Internet access as well as a low cost computing device.  For more information or to check eligibility, please visit or call 855-846-8376 today.


Technology Related Board Policies:


Mobile Device WiFi Registration:

* - All students must have a signed agreement turned in and must be familiar with Board Policy & Regulation 2361 prior to registering for WiFi access. Your request will not be approved without a turned in Agreement Form signed by both the student and a parent/guardian.

  • To register your personal device for wireless Internet access - Click Here

  • To remove your personal device registration (lost/broken/replaced, etc.) - Click Here


NOTE: To add/delete your device, you will need to look up your device's unique MAC Address.

Finding your Wi-Fi MAC Address ON iPad/iPod/iPhone:

Go to Settings > General > About and locate the "Wi-Fi Address”

Find your Wi-Fi MAC Address on ANDROID Devices:

Go to Menu > Settings > About Phone/Tablet > Status and locate the "Wi-Fi MAC Address"

Find your Wi-Fi MAC Address on Windows Laptops:

Click on the Start button > choose Run > type cmd (A command prompt opens)

Type ipconfig /all into the command line > Scroll down to the section pertaining to your wireless adapter and locate the "Physical Address"

Find your Wi-Fi MAC Address on Macintosh Laptops:

From the dock, select System Preferences then select Network. In the Show option menu, select AirPort in the list. Below on the Airport tab locate the "AirPort ID". Alternatively, in the Network tab, you may instead need to click the Advanced button, then look for the "WiFi Address".

For additional or updated information, you may want to google "how to find the MAC address on <insert your particular device type, brand or operating system here>"