College Credit Courses
Raritan Valley Community College offers college level courses taught by their professors at South Hunterdon Regional High School. Students receive high school credit and college credit “in escrow.” When Raritan Valley Community College announces the courses being offered at South Hunterdon, juniors and seniors who have a 3.0 GPA will be informed.

PSYC 103-Intro to Psychology:

This course provides an introduction to the major areas of study within the field of psychology. Human behavior and its determinants will be examined from various viewpoints. Topics covered include methods of research, life span development, neuroscience, perception, learning, memory, states of consciousness, motivation, emotion, intelligence, personality, theories, therapy and social behavior.

SOC 101-Intro to Sociology:

A systemic investigation of the basic concepts and principles of sociology with emphasis on culture, social relationships, groups, institutions and social structure.

Distance Learning College Credit Courses

South Hunterdon has partnered with Educere to provide Online College Credit Courses. Visit our SHRHS Educere Link for more information and course offerings or speak to your Guidance counseler for more information.